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Corporate Blogging – Big Success or Mega Flop?



So after all the brainstorming, planning and conceptualizing, you’ve finally created the company blog.

With all the latest updates and the best logo and company image, the best branding strategy and content marketing plan.

You’ve finally made it.

The best look and fit for your company.

The best website for your company to show itself and share insights.

A site where you could give product offerings and help your audience as they help you out as well.

So you start writing and it all gets exciting. And everything turns out great and according to plan. And then you start writing and this becomes an every week thing. And you know, it may get routinely and then you lose all the fun and fresh things to say.

What’s next? You can’t just stop right?

This is where your corporate blog begins to fail.

The fun got boring

Because this is a new thing to you, you started out loving it. You gave it your all. You never stopped conceptualizing and thinking of new ways to deliver your content.

And you did this day after day after day that you got exhausted. And because it takes up a lot of your time, you just made a compromise to create content that will do – as long as you followed the content calendar plan. Yes, you were never behind schedule but your articles lost its life, it’s just “meh”.

You might have created too much at the start that now, there’s just scarcity of things to write about. Maybe, you just got used to it and you got bored. You got bored of not seeing results, and it’s just not adding up.

Before this gets worse though stop.

Stop it.

Don’t let this exhaustion take the life and dynamics out of you.

Take a breather. Go somewhere. Find inspiration. Shake it up, because what you feel is what you relay.

So when you’re just plain bored and exhausted, it’s what flows through in your writing. When you get bored and just won’t care, don’t expect that your audience’s care level is at the peak.

According to Derek Pierce, a digital marketing and SEO consultant, you should plan on this to happen but you should also have your content planned ahead of time to compensate during this period.

“At some point, you’ll burn out, but if you’ve planned ahead with your content calendar, then it’s ok to take a breather.”

The well for creative juices got dry.

You may have written about a topic several times, trying to look for a different angle, different view and different perspective. But then, even the topic gets exhausted. After tossing and turning and twisting, you can personally say that the topic has been overused and abused.

So how do you look for another topic to write about? You just get sick and tired of re-purposing.

How do you fix this? I’ll give you this example.

We all have that one favorite pair of jeans, which fits perfectly and is flattering in every angle, and we tend to use it every week or even twice a week.

What happens when we use this weekly is that it gets old and looks old, until such time that we just look for another one, or buy a new pair with the same design.

That’s what you do when your creative juices run dry. You either let go of the old topics, and research on new ones. Get updated with news, events, and breakthrough topics that could replace everything you wrote about before. Or, you could stick with the same topic but update it.

Trends change, new stories and new knowledge break out even with the same old trusty topic.

When a topic is updated and in line with what’s happening now, it will attract more readers.

The audience ran off, along with their interest

When an audience visits a blog, the question they always hold in their minds is “what’s in it for me?” But when your content is just meh, you’ll notice empty comment boxes and no interaction with audiences at all. And you do not want that to happen right?

When your readers no longer see something for themselves, they would just leave. Because, there are millions of other websites out there.

And when your audience loses interest, you’ll surely lose yours too.


Because your motivation in writing and creating content is your audience. Without them, what’s the point of keeping this blog? But don’t let it just die yet. You can still do something about it.

You can still fix this by monitoring your current readers. Run the analytics on what makes them interested, what they want to read and what they don’t ever want to see. In running the analytics, this should be done weekly. And as you’re staying updated with your current readers, write content that will attract other readers too.

What about you and your team?

Because you lost all interest too, think of ways on how to rekindle the passion and the reason why you started the whole blog in the first place. Rethink your purpose, and how you could help your readers.

This does not guarantee that your blog will survive because there are other external factors affecting the blog’s existence. But what you could do is learn from this and use what you’ve learned in corporate blogging and look for other social media platforms more effective and more convenient for you and your company.

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