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Local Practices Turn To Digital Marketing



It’s evident that the web has evolved, changed, created and even eliminated businesses.

Service providers and practitioners are no different.

Failing to adapt and change is a recipe for disaster.

Case in point is getting local leads from social media.

Listen to this recent podcast on how chiropractors are using digital marketing to build simple sales funnels that were previously only available to marketing professionals.

I believe you’ll gain many ideas on how to use the web to bring more leads, sales and customers.

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Is Lead Generation the Best Way To Make Money Online?



There are a lot of ways you can try to become financially independent…

…but most of those ways are basically unattainable.

  • You can play the stock market = super risky
  • You can buy into a franchise = super expensive
  • You can start a business from scratch = time consuming & extremely difficult

What many are finding is that a low-maintenance easy-to-run online business that replaces your income (or increases it) and gives you the freedom to live your life all based around generating leads for local businesses.

Right now, more than ever local businesses need professionals that are able to build profitable lead generating campaigns that produce into sales.

Many marketing gurus will tell you the two things to focus on are leads and conversions.

In other words, being able to drive traffic that attracts the people so you can create systems that automatically follow up, bond, and ultimate sell your products and services.

That’s why marketing experts Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely have teamed up to create a genius new turnkey business model called Lead Conversion Squared or LCS2 for short.

Next week they’re sharing it for the first time in a LIVE, interactive 3-day virtual Master Class…

Over the course of those 3 days, Chad & Daven will give you everything you need to start a successful lifestyle business from home…

  • Holding your hand…
  • Giving you live feedback…
  • Walking you step-by-step through the process…

There’s a lot of buzz about this 3-day live event.

They’ll plan to show a super low-pressure method for attracting high-quality leads… and then you’ll actually start generating those leads… LIVE!

In preparation for the live call, they’ve created what they call the “Getting Prepped” series where you can start earning POINTS, BADGES, REWARDS, and SPECIAL BONUSES before the Master Class starts.

Nicely and Michaels promises this isn’t one of those “take lots of notes and then try to recreate the magic on your own” type of workshop.

This is a “take action, get feedback, and see actual results in real-time” type of workshop.

They guarantee that during the course of this workshop you will attract your next client, even if it’s your first client.

If you’re a local business looking for a new way for lead generation or if you’re a local marketing consultant you can find more details about the workshop, the LCS2 system, and more by going to

Important dates that kick off everything are September 28th – September 30th.

Chad Nicely is a digital marketer that’s been responsible for multiple best selling products, services, and helping thousands of entrepreneurs kickstart their digital marketing businesses.

Daven Michaels is the creator of the popular Employee 123, a virtual assistant company, and has produced millions of dollars in product sales while traveling the world.

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